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Jack Now Back In Stock At Royal Doulton

March 23, 2013


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Bond fans and critics have heralded the release of new Bond movie Skyfall, as a great British bulldog of a film. It’s fitting then that an iconic and original Royal Doulton bulldog takes on a starring role in the 23rd outing of this British movie blockbuster.

Now Bond fans are in for a treat with the chance to get their hands on their very own reproduction. In honour of his special appearance in Skyfall, Royal Doulton has reproduced this charming British icon, sure to become a coveted collectors’ item, just like the original. The new bulldog is named ‘Jack’ and has a special Skyfall backstamp which includes ‘DD007’ (where DD stands for Doulton Dog) and a Skyfall box sleeve.

Named after the bold Union Jack flag that is emblazoned across his back, Jack is based on an iconic bulldog, originally modelled in 1941 by Royal Doulton’s great art director Charles Noke.

Since the 19th century the Bulldog has symbolised the steely determination of the British character and, given wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s uncanny facial resemblance to the dog with its many fleshy and drooping jowls, it was inevitable that the 1940s saw a plethora of bulldog-linked propaganda and imagery. Seventy years on, and in harmony with a momentous year for Great Britain, the Royal Doulton bulldog takes centre stage once again.

Royal Doulton bulldog ‘Jack’ sits pride of place on M’s desk in several of the film’s MI6-based shots; he survives an explosion and plays a poignant role in the film’s final scenes.

Fans of the bulldog can also complete their collection with Jack’s friends, Patch DD002 and Alfie DD001. Alfie sports a trendy London motif, while Patch models a map of Great Britain on his coat.

Bulldog Jack – RRP £50.00

Jack is based on an iconic bulldog, originally modelled by Royal Doulton’s great art director Charles Noke in 1941. An original Jack features on M’s desk in the 23rd James Bond Movie, Skyfall.

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British Bulldogs Alfie – RRP £50.00

Alfie is designed by Charles Noke. Alfie is decorated with images synonymous the world over with London. From the majestic London Eye to the legendary black cab, and from the famous London bus to the distinctive Underground logo there’s lots to love about this contemporary graphic design.

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British Bulldogs Patch – RRP £50.00

Patch is designed by Charles Noke. Patch takes his name from his patchwork decoration that’s cleverly formed from silhouettes of Great Britain. Sporting a bright red collar, Patch is the smartest piebald Bulldog in town.


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