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Pregnant Royal Clotheshorse Still Looks Like a Thoroughbred

March 5, 2013

The Duchess of Cambridge is in the sixth month of her pregnancy, but you’d hardly know it from her recent outing (


Maybe the photographers chose just the right angles, but the royal bump was hardly to be seen.
Here’s a picture of her wearing a coat from last year.
And here’s the same coat worn on the recent trip. The big heels are still there and the tummy is not looking a lot bigger. But maybe she has more of a glow.
I’m not a big fan of royalty but I’m starting to think that I’ll have to make an exception for the Duchess. She certainly has a lovely smile.
And it seems that others have the Duchess bug far worse than I do. The last time the Duchess wore this coat it sold out within one hour on the Hobbs website. Let’s hope the royal bump gets a little bigger before the land of hope and former glory gets its new heir to the throne.



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Royal Babies: An Obsession with the Succession

February 9, 2013

What is it about Royal Babies? We just can’t get enough of them. Most people are surrounded by babies most of their lives, whether it be their own, their family’s, their friend’s, or their neighbors’. But there is something about royals having babies that just seems to tickle the public fancy.
Hello! Magazine (for the best in royal reporting!) ran a special issue to provide all the joyful news about Kate being pregnant. But I am assuming that they did not have cameras in the bedroom to capture the moment of conception. It must be nice having babies when you have all kinds of help to look after them.
But surely, all this going goo-goo ga-ga over the royals must be a British thing, brought about by centuries of indoctrination and inbreeding.
Unfortunately, that is not the case. It seems that Canadians have the disease too. I was in a drugstore today (what we used to call a chemist shop when I was growing up) when I came across a bunch of magazines celebrating Royal British babies. A special collector’s edition!! Who collects this stuff? I am frightened to ask. And inside were pictures and pictures of babies, all royal and all royally priced at $10.


And this magazine is being offered on the website of a Canadian company (, I couldn’t even find it on the website of Hello! magazine in the UK. Is it possible that we in Canada are more interested in royal babies than even the British?
Well, if you can’t beat them join them and here are a bunch of British royal baby pictures down through the years.
I’m guessing that this one is Elizabeth II.
Well, I think the next one is Charles on the left and Anne on the right. The Duke is enjoying the golden years of his hair.
And here is Princess Di looking rather Harried, with William at the front doing his best Artful Dodger impersonation.
Here’s a shot of William and Kate practising. The flower girl on the left (named Victoria?) is not amused, while the one on the right thinks that it’s a bit of a Lark.
And finally a picture of William getting ready for breast feeding. It tickles!



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The Many Faces of the Duchess of Cambridge

February 6, 2013

There has always been a bit of the stiff upper lip about the royal family. At least that has been how they have been portrayed. For instance, the stereotype of Queen Victoria’s “We are not amused”.
But when someone marries into the old firm they probably don’t have the years of training that’s required to pull off that aura of regal majesty. Princess Di was young, and all too human, and I’m not sure the Queen ever forgave her for it. So how will the Duchess of Cambridge manage with all the stresses and contradictions of Royal life. It’s early days yet, but maybe there are some clues in all the pictures that have been taken of her and all of the facial expressions that have been seen in those pictures.
Here’s some pictures of Kate where I extracted just her out of a slide show published by Vanity Fair ( The pictures included captions that were supposed to be fun but I’ll admit to being not amused by most of them.
Here’s a picture of Kate looking rather determined. Think of Richard III launching his attack on the soon to be Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth Field.
And here is an expression that I interpret as somewhere between uncertain, disbelieving, and forceful.
She knows how to laugh.
And sometimes she glows, and I don’t think it’s just the make-up.
Sometimes she can be playful (I cropped out the kids in this picture).
And you can’t help feeling that there is some sadness there (and who chose the hat?).
But above all there is determination.
and focus.
and something altogether wistful.
With all these expressions, perhaps the Duchess could have been a great actress, and perhaps that’s what her job calls for.
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The Duchess of Cambridge

January 11, 2013

It sounds like the title of a Victorian novel, but no, there really is a Duchess of Cambridge. Recently a portrait of her was painted for the British National Gallery. ( “The duchess, 31, whose pregnancy was announced by the Royal Family last month, sat for the artist in May 2012 at his studio, and again in June at Kensington Palace.”

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The artist, Paul Emsley has said: “I’ve altered the colour of the eyes slightly to match the colour of the blouse and the blue background.” So there you have it. Even artists are photoshopping these days! But I expect it has always been that way. No one ever accused the Impressionists of being realistic in their portraits.

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